Move Out Process & Checklist

We wish you all the best moving forward, Noda Heights Team.


We understand that the last few weeks before you move are exceptionally busy ones; however, we do request that you attend to a number of small but important details:

We must have the exact date the home will be vacant so we can advertise the correct availability date.

This checklist is meant to inform you, the tenant, what is required of you upon vacating your apartment. This is a helpful guide that will allow you to understand what is expected of your in order to have full security deposit returned.

If one or more of the items listed on the checklist are not properly cleaned you will be charged. Our cleaning charge is $125.00 per hour for each housekeeper.
This charge covers labor and materials. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • You are required to return the home empty and in a clean condition. Cleaning issues will NOT be considered to be normal and wear, under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • If the home is not satisfactorily cleaned, has trash or abandoned items; appropriate charges will be deducted from your Security Deposit. If it is necessary to hire someone to clean the home, labor will cost much more that if you had taken the time to properly clean the unit in the first place.

If vacating in the winter, set the thermostat at 60 degrees to prevent the pipes from freezing.

We must have your forwarding address, please email it to us as soon as possible.

All utilities must remain on and in your name until the final day of your lease unless otherwise authorized.
If the home has oil heat you are responsible for providing an exact tank measurement from the oil provider.

Please remember that a certain amount of cleaning is expected of you when you move out. It is our goal to refund 100% of your security deposit and by following the checklist below you will help us achieve that goal. If you need assistance with any of these items we have a list of professionals that we can refer.


  • All exhaust fans and vent covers should be in working order and clean of dust and grease. Filters may be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Kitchen cabinets, shelves, and countertops must be washed inside and out.
  • Refrigerator/freezer must be cleaned inside and out. They must also be carefully pulled out and all dust and dirt must be removed from the back, sides, floor, and walls surrounding the appliance.
  • Leave Refrigerator/freezer running; do not disconnect or turn off.
  • Wipe down top, outside and sides along with behind and underneath (including coils) the refrigerator.
  • Clean inside of the refrigerator/freezer and all drawers.
  • Wipe around rubber seal around the door on both refrigerator and freezer.


  • Wipe down burners (including sides/center)
  • Clean or replace drip pans.
  • Clean under and behind range/stove
  • Wipe down backsplash and remove/clean knobs.
  • Dishwasher should be wiped out, including around the inside door
  • Garbage Disposal should have ice cubes ran through / and lemon
    Lift up and wipe under range top.
  • Pull out range – wipe floor, sides of range and sides of cabinets.
  • Wipe down oven door inside and out.
  • Clean oven and racks.

Range Hood

  • Wipe down top, sides and front.
  • Clean exhaust fan and filter.
  • Wipe underneath range hood and stove light cover.

General Kitchen Area

  • Wipe cabinet exteriors (use Murphy’s oil soap or similar product).
  • Wipe inside of cabinets, drawers (including tracks) and pantry shelves.
  • Wash inside, outside and rim around the dishwasher.
  • Thoroughly scrub the sink.
  • Remove the black rubber seal in garbage disposal and clean or replace.
  • Wipe down light switches and plates.
  • Run the disposal with Dawn detergent or comparable product.
  • Clean floor.
  • Dishwashers must be cleaned inside and outside, especially the inside lip of the door.
  • All sinks and faucets must be wiped clean.
  • Garbage disposals must be cleared and running freely.
  • Kitchen walls and floors must be washed and free of stains, dust, dirt and grease.
  • The grill/vent on the bottom front of the refrigerator must be cleaned.


  • All bathroom floors and walls must be cleaned with particular attention paid to the grout and caulking.
  • All tubs, showers, sinks and commodes must be cleaned, disinfected and free of soap scum and cleanser residue.
  • All medicine cabinets, vanities and drawers must be cleaned inside and outside.
  • All mirrors and light fixtures should be wiped clean.
  • Wipe down vanity top, drawers, lights along with inside/outside cabinets.
  • Clean vanity lights.
  • Wipe down vanity mirrors.
  • Wipe down sink (with non-abrasive) and sink faucet.
  • Wipe down linen closet shelves.
  • Wipe down toilets (inside, outside and under bolt cover) and toilet seats.
  • Clean bathtub and tub faucet.
  • Wipe toilet paper holders and towel bars.
  • Clean shower door tracks.
  • Wipe down exhaust fan and vent cover.
  • Wipe down light switches and plates.
  • Clean floor.

All Rooms

If you made any alterations to the home, including painting, you must restore it to its original condition unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

  • All non-carpeted floors should be free of stains, dust and debris and should be mopped.
  • All window, screens, and window sills/tracks must be washed.
  • All window treatments such as curtain rods, shades and blinds that were provided must be cleaned and left in good working order.
  • Sliding glass doors must be wiped and the door tracks cleaned.
  • All walls, ceilings, and closet interiors must be free of smudges, grease and food stains. A light cleanser such as “Soft scrub” or “Magic Eraser” will remove black marks from walls.
  • All woodwork, moldings, doors, baseboards and trim must be free of dust, dirt and debris.
  • All electrical outlets and switch plate covers must be free of dirt and smudges.
  • All light bulbs must be in working order and light fixtures/fans cleaned inside and out.
  • All smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors must be in working order.
  • Laundry and utility rooms must be free of dust, dirt and debris.
  • Washing machine interior and exterior must be cleaned.
  • Dryer exterior must be cleaned and the filter screen left free of lint.
  • All carpeted areas must be professionally cleaned and a receipt provided.


  • Wipe down closet shelves and shelf supports.
  • Dust all woodwork.
  • Wipe light switches and plates.
  • Wipe light fixtures.

Living Room

  • Wipe down ceiling fan.
  • Dust all woodwork.
  • Clean air conditioner filter, vents and covers.

General Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning – Carpets must be professional cleaned.  Management can recommend a professional service.  A receipt must be turned in upon move out inspection.
  • Mini-Blinds – All blinds must be cleaned.
  • Paint – All nail holes must be puttied.  Any painting needed will be done after apartment vacating by approved vendor.
  • Windows – Thoroughly wash all windows inside and out including patio doors, tracks, rails, patio screen, window tracks and window seals.
  • Light Fixtures – Wipe down all fixtures (including outside patio) and replace all light bulbs.


Small nail holes in walls should only be spackled with lightweight spackle such as “Dap, Fast and Final” or “DuPont Lightweight Spackle.” More than ten new holes in any wall will be considered beyond normal wear and tear. If you made larger holes, or molly bolt holes, it is considered beyond normal wear and tear and best to leave the repair to a professional. To bring the wall back to its original condition the minimum charge for any wall repair starts at $250


  • All trash, yard debris, and personal items must be removed from the property. If trash collection is not scheduled for the day you vacate, please make arrangements ahead of time to have the bulk items removed prior to that date. A minimal amount of trash may be left at the curb or pickup point.
  • All walkways, patios and porches must be swept and free of debris.
  • All new oil stains must be removed from the garage and/or driveway. There are a number of products available to accomplish this.
  • The garage must be swept clean.
  • All animal waste must be removed.
  • Yard-- Dispose of all your personal items


  • Clean ceiling fan blades and draperies.
  • Empty and clean out storage units and/or garage, deck or patio.
  • Replace any burned-our light bulbs throughout home and garage.
  • Replace any dead smoke detector batteries.
  • Replace furnace filter, if applicable.
  • Replace garage remote/keypad batteries, if necessary.
  • Remove all paper towel holders, adhesive (if you installed).
  • Remove hooks, ceiling hooks, mounted mirrors, etc. that you installed. Properly patch holes. If you intend to do touch up painting, you much paint the ENTIRE wall with an approved color.


*This list is for reference only and not intended to be all-inclusive


  • All keys, garage door openers, parking placards, etc., must be returned to Mainlander Property Management or put in the afterhours drop box.


  • The Property Manager will inspect the property shortly after all keys are returned to our office.
  • By returning the keys, you are relinquishing possession of the property.
  • This signifies that cleanup is finished and Mainlander Property Management will proceed with turnover items.
  • Rent is charged until all keys are returned.

Security Deposit

  • A final inspection will be conducted after you relinquish possession of the property.
  • If damages are noted, we must receive estimates or invoices from vendors before your deposit can be returned minus the cost of damage.
  • Remember to provide us with your forwarding address.

Estimated Cost Sheet

  • Prior to your move-in, the property was professionally cleaned, and any carpet was professionally steam cleaned.
  • Upon your move-out, the unit is expected to be in the same clean condition.

Upon move-out, the following items will be inspected and considered with respect to possible deductions from your security deposit. The prices shown are approximate costs. Final deductions will be based on the actual cleaning or repair costs incurred by the Owner/Agent from the respective contractor. Receipts will be provided.

  • Haul trash, debris, and un-claimed items $200.00 plus dump fee
  • Clean stove $50.00
  • Clean Refrigerator $50.00
  • Clean mini blinds $10.00 ea
  • Clean uncarpeted floors $25.00 per room
  • Clean bathroom(s) $25.00-$50.00
  • Vacuum carpet $25.00+
  • Clean carpets $40.00+
  • Clean all mirrors cabinets, drawers, and shelves $25.00 per room
  • Washing walls $25.00-$50.00
  • For difficult stains, nicotine, cooking oil, candle wax, etc. the cost is calculated by the hour
  • Replace missing or burned-out light bulbs $10.00 ea
  • De-flea $285.00 minimum
  • Replace dirty HVAC filters $55.00 plus cost of filter
  • Remove pet waste from any area $200.00 plus
  • Clear clogged drains (if hair/food is the cause) $250.00 minimum
  • To deodorize entire house or unit $275.00 minimum
  • There is a minimum service charge of $250.00 per hour


Interior paint is expected to last five years. If the property was freshly painted when you moved in, and the paint is needed again on your move-out, you will be charged:

  • 100% if occupancy was 18 months or less
  • 75% if occupancy was 19-30 months
  • 50% if occupancy was 31-48 months
  • 25% if occupancy was 49-60 months
  • If the property was not freshly painted at your occupancy, you will be charged the pro-rated amount from the date of the last painting.


If you hired a professional carpet cleaning service before delivering possession back to the Owner/Agent you must provide a receipt from the company. Owner/Agent reserves the right to re-clean if deemed necessary.

Replacement: Carpet is expected to last 10 years. If the carpeting was new when you moved in, and it needs to be replaced at your move-out, you will be charged:

  • 100% if occupancy is less than 60 months
  • 75% if occupancy is 61-96 months
  • 50% if occupancy is 97-120 months
  • 25% if occupancy is 121-144 months

If carpeting was not new upon occupancy, the pro-rated amount from the date of carpet installation will be charged.

Hardwood floors

  • If carpet or Hardwood is damaged by a pet, and we are able to remove the stains and odor from the Hardwood or carpet, pad and sub-floor, the actual cost of the process will be charged to your security deposit. If the carpet is torn, shredded, or if stains and odor cannot be removed, the full replacement cost of the carpet will be charged, regardless of when the carpet was installed.
  • Any damage to hardwood floors, you’ll be 100% responsible of all costs to fix, replace.

Your Security Deposit will be mailed within 30 days of your move-out inspection to the address you provide Landlord (if no new address is given, any remaining Security Deposit money will be mailed to current mailing address and the Post Office will be responsible for forwarding any/all mail to your new listed address). Please also note the replace/repair cost(s) for items you leave in disarray.

Please remember to deliver your home in the same condition it was in prior to your tenancy. This will ensure YOU RECEIVE THE MOST MONEY POSSIBLE!

Please make sure you review lease, and give proper notice to vacate.  Also if you are breaking lease for any reason, to make sure you contact us for buyout agreement, also terms of buyout are on your lease.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, we wish you the best.

Elle & Theo

NODA Heights was a wonderful team to work with - their properties are top of the line, but more importantly, you’ll never find a deeper depth of concern and commitment from a rental group.

Nicolas is on top of all of his properties, down to ensuring the flower beds are always perfect. All of the small personal details add up to an amazing living experience. We loved our time there, it was completely stress-free. Easily the best living experience I know of in Charlotte.

Katelyn R.

I have been living in one of the Noda Heights properties a little over a year now. What first sold me most on the duplex I am renting, was the fact that it is newly renovated with new appliances, the beautiful hardwood floors, high living room ceiling, front porch, and fenced in back yard. What has kept me there is the NodaHeights team. Any time there is an issue, they come out as soon as possible to fix it. The grass stays cut and the gardening kept. They take everything off of my plate and make it affordable for me to live in one of my favorite locations in Charlotte, worry and hassle free.

Stephanie H.

When I rented my first property from Noda Heights Properties, I was in my early 20s and had no idea what to do. They took care of me every step of the way.