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Our quick and simple rental process is unmatched:
Follow the 5 easy steps to move into your new home


Once you find the rental you are looking for, please fill out our rental application and submit. One of our representatives will contact you to schedule a showing. 

After showing, if  you like the property and would like us to run your application, there is an applications fee of $100 per applicant - this fee in non-refundable. Once we receive payment for the application fee we will process your application.

The typical turn-around time is 1 business day,  depending on the rental application and if it's been completed accurately.

Please submit your last three months pay stubs, copy of drivers license, social security card and employment info as well as contacts.

  • Find the rental you want to call home and schedule a showing

    Please submit your showing fee before the showing.

  • Fill out the rental application and submit the application fees

  • Get qualified by one of our team

  • Sign your lease and pay the deposit + first months rent

  • Receive the keys to your stunning new home

Ready to get started?

  • A security deposit up to two months depending on credit can not be used to pay rent - it's refundable if  the property is cleaned and no damage has been done.
  • Pet fee of up to $1000 depending on the breed - non-refundable.
  • Key fee of $25 per set - non-refundable.
  • Lock out fee up to $350 - non-refundable.
  • Late rent fee of $15 or 5%, which ever is greater - non-refundable.
  • Check return fee of $25.
  • Credit card processing fee of 4% plus $1.
  • If you are awarded the Rental Reward of the $100 off months rent, and your payment is returned, you will be responsible to pay the $100.00 "full rent".
  • If you are awarded the Rental Reward, and payment is returned twice, you no longer qualify for the rental reward program.

We reward tenants who pay their rent on time. If you pay rent before the due date, or the 1st of every month, you'll receive $100 off your months rent. You read correctly $100 off your months rent!

If you sign a 2 or 3 year lease you'll get $100 off your monthly rent.

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Elle & Theo

NODA Heights was a wonderful team to work with - their properties are top of the line, but more importantly, you’ll never find a deeper depth of concern and commitment from a rental group.

Nicolas is on top of all of his properties, down to ensuring the flower beds are always perfect. All of the small personal details add up to an amazing living experience. We loved our time there, it was completely stress-free. Easily the best living experience I know of in Charlotte.

Katelyn R.

I have been living in one of the Noda Heights properties a little over a year now. What first sold me most on the duplex I am renting, was the fact that it is newly renovated with new appliances, the beautiful hardwood floors, high living room ceiling, front porch, and fenced in back yard. What has kept me there is the NodaHeights team. Any time there is an issue, they come out as soon as possible to fix it. The grass stays cut and the gardening kept. They take everything off of my plate and make it affordable for me to live in one of my favorite locations in Charlotte, worry and hassle free.

Stephanie H.

When I rented my first property from Noda Heights Properties, I was in my early 20s and had no idea what to do. They took care of me every step of the way.